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We are a family-based church consisting of people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. These not being an obstacle to building each other up, loving one another, sharing and generally affecting lives both within and extending to the community as a whole. At City of Favour, we help build and improve the leader in you; helping you strive towards the perfect person God has you in mind to be.



The Redeemed Christian Church of God is a worldwide church; established in 1952 as a fulfilment of God’s word through His servant, Pastor Josiah Akindayomi. The name ” Redeemed Christian Church of God,” was revealed to Pa Akindayomi (who could neither read nor write) in a vision. He amazingly, supernaturally, wrote the words down during this visitation. God told him that this church would go to the ends of the earth and that when the Lord Jesus Christ appears in glory, He would meet this church. The headquarters of RCCG is Lagos, Nigeria. We thank God that the church has expanded since then and is now overseen by the General Overseer, Pastor E.A. Adeboye. There are over 4,000 parishes world-wide, of which the City of Favour is one.



The vision of RCCG is reflected in a five-tier mandate: to get to heaven; to take as many people with us as possible; to live a life of holiness; to preach the gospel throughout the world and to plant churches. It is this root that City of Favour draws upon.We have a friendly environment where you can reach out to others and vice-versa, welcoming you to be part of our ever increasing family of God. RCCG City of Favour is the FBI Headquarters, not the one you know but a place where Favour, Blessing and Increase will not be absent in your life. Your spiritual, mental (psychological), social and economic growth is our concern and we look forward to working together to building a strong, vibrant and righteous generation.

To build a strong, vibrant and righteous generation for the Lord, a generation of all nations, race, cultures and background, who would spread the fragrance of God’s love which is available to the world through His Son and to equip the weak to be a strong force in the community.



Our mission is to build a people who will affect positively the educational, political and social fabric of the society, men and women built up in the area of obedience to the word of God, living a life of Holiness, Prayers, Praise and Stewardship to God.



We believe that every individual in Christ has the potential to discover God’s purpose and direction for his or her life and thereby walk in the fullness of the unsearchable spiritual material and physical riches which God has provided for us.